The small and agile cutting head WOODCRACKER® CL is a loyal companion, not only for farmers. Landscapers, foresters and municipal authorities already use the WOODCRACKER CL190 permanently. Due to its flexible and simple installation to usual carrier vehicles, small trees and bushes up to 32 cm in diameter are felled with ease.

What you should know:

Application areas:

Suitable in small wood areas as well as in large-scale forests for quick thinning and forest care.

The cutting head WOODCRACKER CL is faster and more flexible compared to manual felling with a chainsaw. The machine is installed on small excavators without great adjustments and is immediately usable. The WOODCRACKER CL can also be attached to farm loaders. The easy use allows for fast landscape maintenance.

Caution: Woodcracker CL is not suitable for dangerous tree felling. Secure hold of cut material can not be guaranteed.
In this case we recommend our Woodcracker C series.

Ideal carrier vehicles:

CL190: 2.5 ton – 7.5 ton excavators or farm loaders
CL260: 6 - 14 ton excavators

Use existing excavators or farm loaders for the installation of the WOODCRACKER and increase their utilization. The cutting head is operated from the operator’s cab, safe and stress-free.

Cutting diameter:

In hard wood up to 26 cm Ø
In soft wood up to 32 cm Ø

The WOODCRACKER CL is a crucial tool for landscape maintenance. It extends your vehicle fleet and provides additional services in landscaping.


Enables fast closing of cutting unit, increases harvest performance and reduces fuel consumption.

Low net weight:

Net weight: from 210 kg

The WOODCRACKER CL is light-weighted and therefore can be installed on small excavators with only 2.5 tons net weight. The low machine weight enables the installation on farm loaders.

Easy to maintain and durable

Durable and low-wear cutting system

The machine is very robust due to its few movable parts. Also, the utilised blade is resistant and easy to replace.

Who works with WOODCRACKER CL:

Landscapers and foresters more...

Manual labour is quite common for landscapers and foresters. It is exhausting and what’s more, dangerous. But usually they already own vehicles for the use of a cutting head. Landscapers and foresters benefit from a great price-performance-ratio. That makes mechanical harvesting with the WOODCRACKER very cost-efficient.

Forest contractors more...

Many forest contractors trust in the quality of WOODCRACKER forest machines by now. Especially when it’s about harvesting bigger trees and processing wood. The WOODCRACKER CL is the perfect add-on for their existing fleet. Now also weak trees and bushes can be removed quickly. Therefore, they can provide new services.

Gardeners more...

Landscape gardeners provide a wide range of services, from the perfect floral arrangement to tree pruning of centuries-old oaks. The cutting head WOODCRACKER CL enriches their service range and differentiates them from competitors.

Professionals from municipal authorities more...

Communities, urban administrations and road maintenance staff take care of clean streets, cleared paths and the maintenance of public green space every day. Suitable and durable tools are essential to stay within a small public budget. Moreover, landscape maintenance on public streets must be carried out in a very short time to avoid waiting times. The CL is the ideal and robust tool for municipal authorities for fast and easy landscape maintenance.

"I looked for a safe and simple option to remove shrubbery from the edge of the forest. Westtech attached the CL190 on my existing farm loader without further ado. Now I have a compact and flexible working equipment for wood harvest."
Rudolf Kohlberger
Upper Austria
„I use the WOODCRACKER CL190 for wood harvest and to remove shrubbery from slopes. I chose the CL190, because I already have got a 7 ton excavator, that I normally use for digging. I can switch between these attachments very quickly, because they are both easy to install.“
Fritz Schlager
Upper Austria

About the manufacturer

Next tech:
By the way, the know-how for WOODCRACKER comes from Upper Austria. We are a team of 20 employees from Westtech in Prambachkirchen, Upper Austria – well known for our tenets in design of our machines – easy handling, easy attachment, flexibility and cost-efficiency. These tenets are found in every product series of ours. Our product range covers machines for tree felling, processing of wood, ground clearing as well as root stock clearing in the forest sector.

Unbeatable price-performance-ratio:
High-quality felling devices do not need to cost a fortune. Quality is also available for attractive prices – just ask us for an offer.

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The innovative technology of WOODCRACKER products is always one step ahead!


Certified quality of the German Board of Trustees for Forestry Work and Technology.


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